Shoot: SeeU

Photography: Stardrops
Assist: Akaii

I love Vocaloid to bits, and the moment I saw SeeU’s character design, I knew I had to cosplay her at some point because she had speakers for her cat ears.  The actual making of the cosplay didn’t actually take that long, because her design is pretty simple.  Posing however… need to practice more cute poses!


Shoot: MagiXKuroBasu

Ren Kougyoku, Magi

Photography: Yvonne Zhu

  • Alibaba: Vivian Chan
  • Morgiana: Satoko Nasu
  • Kise (Kuroko no Basuke): Akaii

This was the first shoot that all of us had ever been on.  Apart from trekking to the Shire to find sand dunes at Cronulla and giving up halfway, and not really knowing what to do half of the time… I think it turned out pretty well~ Just look at all our intense stares!

Ikea love <3

I had an epiphany today.

I am destined to have a future home filled with colours, disco balls and quirky knick-knacks that might not necessarily complement each other, but will end up doing so out of my sheer force of will.

I am also destined to own an Ikea house.

Ikea, that glorious glorious place filled with furniture packed flat for convenience and encouraging generations to learn how to use a hammer, rooms filled with dream houses and interiors for anybody and everybody, cheap everything so that impulse buys will never hurt until you realise that small new shelf you bought doesn’t fit anywhere because your home is already crammed with Ikea impulse buys.

And the fooooood.

The cake.

Oh my gosh.  The meatballs.

And if I could have those in my Ikea sourced dining room before going to my Ikea decorated bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready to go to bed in my Ikea furnished bedroom… some may call this plebeian, but if getting an entire room decked out for less than $1000 but looking like it cost ten times that amount, then I embrace my plebeian-ness.

Because, as one of my friends said,  We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all…

We love Ikea.

Keep feeding my ego!

Ego.  Something healthy when small but substantial because it gives one self-confidence, but not healthy the minute it grows past a certain point because it will not stop inflating and will make one’s head grow to epic proportions. Fed by: Affirmation from other people.  Otherwise known as praise, admiration, showering of affection, even the invocation of envy in other people.

I recently started a new job as a Christmas casual, and  a few shifts into this new job, the founder of the entire company was apparently going to visit, and so I was rostered on to make the shop look amazing.  Someone significant at head office dropped by to help and make sure that everything followed protocol.

They loved me.

Having this company VIP look at you straight in the eye at the end of your shift and say that you were amazing?  That you picked things up so fast and got things done super efficiently?  That your customer service was awesome and they just don’t stop talking about just how great you were?

It felt so good.

Embarrassing, for sure.  I mean, how do you react?  How many thank you-s can you even say without sounding like a broken record?


Vomiting Kaonashi | Ginnunga, deviantART

But danggggggggggg.  I wanted to bask in more of their praise and know and hear that I am fabulous.  My ego has been fed, and it wants more.   Even if it means becoming insufferable and self-righteous and arrogant.  Once I get to that stage, I’m sure someone will cut me down and leave me vomiting up all my ego like Kaonashi and wriggling from humiliation.

But until then, feed my ego!  Say I’m great!  Say you love me!  Because #flawless.