Shoot: School Girl

Costume: borrowed from Akaii
Photography: Venh Ho, Stardrops

This was something I wanted to do for fun, without needing any prep or whatsoever~ because what anime fan hasn’t wanted to walk around in a Japanese seifuku at some point in their lives before? And when a friend gets a uniform as a birthday present… photoshoots need to happen!


Shoot: MagiXKuroBasu

Ren Kougyoku, Magi

Photography: Yvonne Zhu

  • Alibaba: Vivian Chan
  • Morgiana: Satoko Nasu
  • Kise (Kuroko no Basuke): Akaii

This was the first shoot that all of us had ever been on.  Apart from trekking to the Shire to find sand dunes at Cronulla and giving up halfway, and not really knowing what to do half of the time… I think it turned out pretty well~ Just look at all our intense stares!