Ode to Bag

An overly sentimental tribute to the most loyal of tote bags, having suffered years of oppression serving an overwhelmingly careless and demanding owner.


Oh, how I’ll miss you!

In dedication to my bag,
My bag, from which
Its love and support
Its enduring reliability
Has given me strength to carry on.

From the trials of senior high school
To the lethargic years of university,
You have been there
Always by my side
Always faithful, never complaining.

And now!
You are gone.
Seven years of companionship,
Usurped by gifts from well-meaning friends.

You will never accompany me again
During those sleepy mornings
On the trains
Filled with faceless people
Gearing themselves up for the day.

During those late nights
Full with food and dessert
Full with friends and company,
And anticipating the warm embrace
Of a shower, and a bed.

You have been a pantry,
A receptacle of drool,
A lap blanket,
A travelling wardrobe,
A carrier of everything and anything,

You have gone above and beyond your calling
Where all other bags would have failed.
You are the bag to end all bags,
And you will be missed.



Recommended! The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

As much as I love Japan and all its quirky, kitsch melting pot of all things kawaii and philosophical, and as much as I know that Japan is full of ancient traditions, respect and honour, I can’t deny that the dark side of Japan is dark.  Often, this dark side is not respectful, not honourable, and definitely not kawaii.  The only thing it shows is just how nationalistic and how self-righteous Japan can be, especially on touchy issues that can cause a huge dent in their political relations with their global neighbours and partners.

This web-based journal, linked to me as a resource for a subject that I took (UTS Communications students, if you have a free elective, Genocide Studies is worth your time to take), has articles that relate to all sorts of current news articles about Japan.  In particular, the articles by David McNeill touch on controversial topics with so much insight and analysis; it makes you really reflect on things other than that Kyary song or cute anime boys as it spreads your vision to think about all aspects of Japan.

If you have time, flick through their articles! It won’t hurt to learn about something you won’t generally read about Japan :)  And if you want to read about other countries, they sometimes do articles about other Eastern Asian countries too!

Take me to David McNeill’s articles now!
Take me to the Asia-Pacific Journal now!


Yesterday was Halloween. People running around in costumes going to parties, kids going trick-or-treating in suburban streets, adults avoiding these trick-or-treating kids by pretending they are away… another year, another Halloween.

Yesterday was Halloween. Yesterday marked the end of a chapter in my life. Yesterday, for the last time I sung as a part of the UTS Glee Club at a society End-Of-Semester concert.

I know it’s not like I’m never going to see them again, and it’s not like I’m never going to sing or perform with them again, but… being friends with them and singing with them is just not the same as being part of the society as a student and working on songs every week. Added to the fact that I’ve been part of the Glee Club since I started uni four years ago (with a semester or so of absence in the middle somewhere), not having Glee in my life. it’s not going to be the same.

I’m going to miss going into the Theatre Lounge to practice. I’m going to miss getting relocated to the Harry Heath room and waiting until the last possible moment to get out and let EGG take over. I’m going to miss warm ups, non-stop jamming, working on one song and then talking for the next hour, seeing people come week in week out, catching up with members who can only make a few weeks a semester…

Most of all, I’m going to miss the people. Those who have only been here for a semester or two, those who have been here since the beginning, those who have graduated and still come back, all of me loves all of you.

Glee, it’s been fun <3