Ode to Bag

An overly sentimental tribute to the most loyal of tote bags, having suffered years of oppression serving an overwhelmingly careless and demanding owner.


Oh, how I’ll miss you!

In dedication to my bag,
My bag, from which
Its love and support
Its enduring reliability
Has given me strength to carry on.

From the trials of senior high school
To the lethargic years of university,
You have been there
Always by my side
Always faithful, never complaining.

And now!
You are gone.
Seven years of companionship,
Usurped by gifts from well-meaning friends.

You will never accompany me again
During those sleepy mornings
On the trains
Filled with faceless people
Gearing themselves up for the day.

During those late nights
Full with food and dessert
Full with friends and company,
And anticipating the warm embrace
Of a shower, and a bed.

You have been a pantry,
A receptacle of drool,
A lap blanket,
A travelling wardrobe,
A carrier of everything and anything,

You have gone above and beyond your calling
Where all other bags would have failed.
You are the bag to end all bags,
And you will be missed.



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