First. And hopefully not last.

How was this blog even born?

Because I’m lazy and FB is nope.

I mean, at the beginning, I already wanted to start a blog for Japan Travels 2015, but motivation never worked until I started going on cosplay shoots and I wanted to share the photos… but not on Facebook or share on a cospage. Because cospages seem so pro. And I’m not pro at all. I’m just a girl who happens to like sewing and dressing up as anime characters.

Hence the blog.

And then it’s getting closer to the date for actually submitting my application for my exchange to Japan, and things are getting real, and so this happened.

What will I do on this blog?

And who am I?
That is a secret I will never tell… here. You can, however, check out the About page instead.

That is all.


Tell me what you think!

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